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Why Your Small Business Should Be Online

I wrote last time about how Google and Inuit are pushing small businesses to get online and use their platforms for web hosting and advertising. This time I’d like to talk about how insane it is that there are still so many businesses that, for some reason, aren’t online in one form or another. In a world where 97% of consumers are looking for info on products online before they buy, doesn’t it make sense that the 40% of small businesses who haven’t stepped up to the plate need to get online immediately? Continue reading

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Google Officially announces new expanded 12-pack of sitelinks

Google has recently launched a new way of showing sitelinks and not just that instead of the “old 8″ pack sitelinks , it will now show a “12″ pack of sitelinks providing increased visibility to the website. Here’s an example: Continue reading

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Google & Intuit’s “Get Your Business Online” hits the States.

Get Your Business OnlineGoogle, the most popular search engine and Intuit, website developer and account services developer for small businesses are teaming up to help get businesses across the United States get online. Having already launched the program in Europe and Canada, the software mega-companies are offering owners to claim a free domain and an Intuit designed website template, as well as a free $75 certificate to spend on AdWords to give small businesses a web presence that they’ve lacked in the past.

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Facebook launch of new privacy options, Credit goes to Google+

Hats Off to Facebook for introducing a new set of privacy options that give users more control over the tags and posts visibility. Continue reading

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Google Experiments With Infinite Scrolling

Google is testing a new way to deliver your search results, with an infinite scrollbar. This new way of presenting search results gives the user the option to press a “Show more results” button at the bottom of the page, and instead of opening a new page, 10 more results will appear. You can continue to click “Show more results” until there is literally nothing left to show.

This may not seem like a huge implementation to many Google users, as the search giant already uses infinite scrolling in their image searches, but those in the SEO, SEM, and AdWords advertising world are already preparing for the implications it could have on their campaigns.

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