DataFeedWatch: Too good to keep for ourselves

Good apps are often developed as a solution to somebody’s own problem. That’s what happened to us again: When Google Shopping became a paid service, we started managing the Product Listing Ads for our customers. That was fun and we quickly learned a thing or two.

Our most important finding was that controlling the data feed was the key to PLA-profitability. For the first campaign, we were happy to just set a product target for brand of product type, but when we started analyzing the results, it became abundantly clear that the low hanging fruit was not in AdWords but in in the data feed. So we looked around but all data feed optimization tools were either complicated or expensive or both. Where was the tool for the medium sized shop? It wasn’t there, so we built it.

We have used it for numerous PLA-campaigns now. We like it, because it does exactly what we want. Our customers like it, because they see the peak in RoI after optimizing their feed. We showed it to a few SEM-agencies; they liked it too. So eventually we decided that it would be selfish to keep such a cool tool for ourselves.

So here it is: DataFeedWatch. A simple and brilliant web-app that enables every search engine marketeer to modify the feed instantly to his needs. No tech-stuff. No whiz kids needed. Rules based. Enjoy! (and sure, you’re welcome)


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