AdWords and Breadcrumb Trails

Adwords search ads are becoming more and more relevant to search queries, and returning information that allows users quickly navigate to the exact sections of a website. Bread crumb trails are a set of links that appear next to the URL.  In this example, I searched for “bikes for sale” and the Google returned this ad.  You’ll see URL > Home > Sports & Rec.

The breadcrumbs are dictated by the rich snippets coded on the individual landing page.

Search Engine Land has been reporting on Breadcrumb trails for a few days now.   It seems that some shady webmasters have figured out how to trick Google, and that they are using rich snippets in ways Google didn’t intend.

These Rich snippets – breadcrumb trails are a great way to get more exposure for pages in the Google search results.  You can add star ratings as SEL found in this example.

For the less shady AdWords clients it seems that Google is preparing to launch the Breadcrumb feature across the board, as it’s already appearing in the AdWords Help page.  Periscopix  a UK search agency reported on this today as well.

So what does this mean to you, the AdWords customer? In short it should help improve your conversion rates on PPC ads, it will take up more space on the page making your ad stand out, and it will direct your users to the page most relevant to their query.

You can start getting your website and ads ready for these changes which should begin taking effect in the next couple of weeks. As always, you can call us for help if you aren’t confident in what you should be doing.

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