Google Launches Automatic Display Ad Builder

The newest addition to the Google Display Ad Builder practically builds your display image ads for you. Google unveiled the “Create Suggested Ads” function two days ago and what it does is match your ad with an appropriate image based on the text of your advertisement.

The ad is still fully customizable, you can change the font, text and color of everything Google has created for you, and some of the templates have fields where you can incorporate your logo to better brand your advertisement.

To try out Suggest Ads, all you need to do is be on the ad group level of a campaign, and select More Actions > Generate Display Ad. Then Google will provide with several templates complete with your ad text that you can tweak as you see fit, or if you’re happy with what they’ve created, you can go ahead and publish it right away.

Whether you already use Google to create display ads or not, is this a feature that you plan on taking advantage of in the future as part of your AdWords Management?

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