Landing pages set to have more clout in quality scores

Landing page relevance has long been a factor in your AdWords quality score – though more so as a negative factor – and your quality score is an important factor in your cost per click. While it’s never been a good idea to have a misleading landing page and get demerits, it’s now an even better idea to have an excellent and relevant landing page because you’ll actually get credit for it.

The current (soon to be previous) system would penalize advertisers with bad landing pages by rejecting their ads or even having their accounts suspended if the infraction was particularly foul. The change will assign positive values to advertisers with relevant landing pages and matching keywords. So if you have a strong landing page, you’ll get a boost in the auction.

In an interview with SearchEngineLand, Googler Jonathan Alferness said they’ve found that there are ads with just as high quality text as top ads, but with better landing pages that aren’t getting to the top of search results. Putting more weight into the quality of landing pages will improve the quality of the users experience with Google.

To score landing pages, Google is going to initiate a crawl the landing pages associated with every AdWords advertisement and the quality score changes will be rolled out over the next two weeks. According to Google, some advertisers will see some variation in position and quality score at first but that things will settle down in a few weeks.


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