About Us

WordWatch has been developed by a dedicated team of SEM experts, developers, and algorithm specialists.

Based in Silicon Valley, California; Krakow, Poland; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands; we began working on WordWatch in 2009 with a clear ambition. We wanted to see a level playing field in paid search for small business advertisers.

We had all had experience managing small-budget PPC campaigns. Paid search is a fantastic channel for small businesses to reach their clients. It provides complete control over budgets, targeting, and timing-and everything is measurable. Advertisers have direct and immediate access to lead & conversion success and costs. Nothing out there can compare to paid search.

Yet we had seen how costs (CPCs and CPAs) had been rising every year; how complicated and time-intensive running campaigns could be; and how large advertisers (with deep pockets and access to high-end agencies and automation software), were taking over: squeezing out smaller advertisers.

Even though smaller businesses make up the majority of all PPC advertisers, they typically end up paying more-and getting less for their money-than the big guys. When was the last time you saw an ad for a small business appear above a large brand’s? We believed we could offer the same kind of algorithm-powered automation used by large advertisers and their agencies. Our mission became bringing the power of automated bid management to small business advertisers in a simple, convenient, and affordable way.

Measuring Success

We measure our success in the stories we hear back from small businesses who have gone from setting , forgetting, and hoping for the best-to seeing their performance increase and their money going further; in short, getting more bang for their PPC buck.

We believe that as more people more effectively use and profit from pay-per-click advertising, everybody wins: customers, advertisers and the search engines themselves! Paid search is a unique advertising model with unparalleled potential; we’re here to contribute to its growth and to our customers’ success.

Data feed optimization for Google Shopping and other CSEs

We have also developed a tool that enables us to optimize data feed to increase performance on Google Shopping and other Comparison Shopping Engines. It worked so well to get more out of the Product Listing Ad campaigns, that we decided to offer it to anyone that wants to optimize his feed. Check out DataFeedWatch!

Team Work

WordWatch was founded by Jacques van der Wilt (director),Wei Hai Chu (director), Todd Wilkinson and Marcin Pyla. Our paths have been crossing on different projects and businesses since the last century! In that time, we’ve been through startups, venture fundings, and acquisitions and IPO. Building great businesses and having fun is why we do it.

We’re appreciative for the rock-solid support from the hardest-working VCs in Central Europe: Credo Ventures.

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