AdWords & WordWatch

Q: I made a change to my campaign in AdWords, while that campaign is managed by WordWatch. What will prevail?

Any change that you make in AdWords will be adopted by WordWatch during the daily update.

Q: Will WordWatch manage any new Campaigns or Adgroups or Keywords that I enter in AdWords?

They will automatically be imported in WW. You need to set a strategy and cpc for any new campaigns.

Q: The maximum bid that I set in WordWatch is not the same max. bid that I see in AdWords. How is that possible?

The WordWatch CPC/CPA varies from AdWords cpc values. WordWatch will keep your monthly campaign’s avg. CPC below the WordWatch CPC. However, a single keyword’s maximum avg. CPC can exceed WordWatch CPC.

Q: The average position of my ad as shown in WordWatch is not the same as in AdWords.

This is the result of the way data is calculated when it is communicated via the API. There may be a slight difference between what is displayed on the WordWatch and AdWords interfaces. This should never be more than a couple of tenths of a percent and is simply the result of a slight imperfection in Google’s current API.