Billing & Payment

 Q: How does the free trial work?

During the 30-day trial period, you will enjoy the full power and functionality of WordWatch. During signup, you provide your AdWords Customer ID or login credentials and contact information. That’s it. No credit card is required! If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with WordWatch, you can cancel your subscription or it will simply expire after 30 days. The free trial is available only once per Customer ID.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

WordWatch accepts payment from VISA, Mastercard and American Express. At this time, we’re not accepting payments by PayPal or direct bank debit.

Q: My credit card is not being accepted. What do I do?

What does the error message say when you tried to submit the card? The most common reason for a card not being accepted is a mistake in the spelling of your billing address, the expiration date, the CVC code, or the actual number itself. If you’re still having a problem, contact your issuer at the phone number on the card to verify.

Q: Do I have to sign a long term contract?

A WordWatch subscription is charged month-to-month. You can cancel at any time. If you cancel, you will be billed only for the current month and nothing after that.

Q: What happens if my card expires or I want to change cards?

If your card will come up for expiration while your WordWatch subscription is running, you will be automatically advised via email beforehand. You can always update or change your card information by logging into your WordWatch account and modifying your details.

Q: Are there any other fees I need to know about?

WordWatch believes that advertisers should not be charged a percentage of adspend. Our fees are set, so depending on the plan you choose, you always know exactly how much you’re going to be charged each month. There is never a set-up fee, per-user fee or upgrade or downgrade fee. It’s easy to get started immediately and change between plans as your needs change.