Q: Does WordWatch change any of my settings when I sign up?

WordWatch will not change your budget or any of your campaign settings–with one exception: WordWatch needs to have manual bidding enabled. The system will automatically adjust your campaign-level Bidding Option to manual with focus on clicks. Likewise, if you have Enhanced CPC enabled, WordWatch will disable this to allow us to control bidding.

Q: WordWatch is not managing my campaigns. Nothing is happening.

In WordWatch, you have to set a strategy for every campaign that you want WordWatch to manage.

Q: Why can’t I see changes being made to my account?

There are a few possible reasons:

Your campaigns do not get enough traffic for WordWatch to base the optimization on. As soon as it gets enough statistically significant data the changes will be applied.

Budget changes – your campaign’s budget is being changed every day. WordWatch cannot optimize on an unpredictable environment.

Q: Where can I enter a new campaign?

You will have to do that in AdWords. WordWatch will only manage your existing AdWords campaigns. A new campaign will be visible in WordWatch up to 24h.

Q: Why can’t I choose the Conversion Maximizer Strategy?

The Conversion Maximizer Strategy can only be set if your campaign has conversion tracking enabled in AdWords.

Q: I just unpaused a campaign in AdWords, but I still can’t set a strategy in WordWatch. Why?

When you unpause a campaign in AdWords, it can take up to 24 hours to see it as active in WordWatch. However, you can activate it manually in our dashboard.