WordWatch Basics

Q: How can WordWatch improve my performance?

Few small business advertisers have the time to monitor, analyze and adjust their keyword bids every day. A lot of people start out managing campaigns with enthusiasm but then fall back to “setting and forgetting” and just hoping that their campaigns don’t go too poorly. WordWatch is an algorithm-powered application that does the monitoring, analysis, and bid adjustments of every single keyword, every single day. It does what a SEM expert would do; only it does it 24/7 for every keyword in your campaigns.

Q: How does it work?

WordWatch is an AdWords management tool that works 24/7 automatically finding you the best prices for all of your keywords. WordWatch analyzes the performance of a campaign by checking which keywords are performing well and which keywords are not. Your account is monitored at all times, however; changes may be applied at a different frequency, depending on your campaign performance. I.e. We won’t change your CPC just for the sake of it; we’ll only make changes we believe are for the better.

Q: How much can I save?

WordWatch is designed to optimize keyword bidding to achieve greater performance for the given budget.

If you’re specifically interested in reducing costs, the Clicks Maximizer strategy can save up to 50% on your current AdWords spend. How? WordWatch will find inefficiencies in your budget allocation and eliminate them.

Q: How soon can I see results with WordWatch?

The results depend on the amount of traffic that the campaign receives. Most clients see a noticeable difference after 2 weeks, but results vary for each account.

Q: What data does WordWatch use?

We use all data from your AdWords account.

Q: How does WordWatch access my data?

WordWatch connects to the AdWords API (a sort of back door). We can only get in if you authorize us. We then download all your performance data every night to analyze it and upload new CPC bids for your keywords.

Q: How is WordWatch different from Google’s automated bidding or Conversion Optimizer?

There are several important differences:

  • At WordWatch we monitor your campaigns non-stop; if there is a problem with your account or with your performance, WordWatch will know about it and take action.
  • WordWatch is also doing a lot more than just automatic bidding; we add profitable keywords to your campaigns and turn the ones that only cost you money into negative keywords.
  • WordWatch has customer support. If you need help or have a question, you can call or mail us any time.
  • Google is great. We love Google. But Google’s business goal is to make money from advertising. You may think twice before you hand over your purse to the retailer (Google) and ask them to set any price for their product (your ads) that they find appropriate. That is only a natural conflict of interest. A more detailed discussion can be found at SearchEngineWatch.

Q: What sets WordWatch apart from existing AdWords tools?

Though tools do exist within the AdWords interface, high-end SEM agencies instead use expensive, high-end automation software because their needs are more robust. They need to supply their clients with greater performance than their clients could achieve themselves (using such tools). WordWatch is similar-in that it seeks to provide superior performance; but it’s different from agencies because we offer an easy to use tool at an affordable fixed monthly price.

Q: Does WordWatch have access to all my Google accounts?

No. We only use your AdWords credentials to establish a connection between our app and your account. No WordWatch employee is able to access your account, as all AdWords interactions are made automatically by our program.

Q: Is my data safe?

Securing the privacy of your data is our top priority. We store your data in a secure environment and will not share any data with any 3rd party.

Q: Does WordWatch manage ALL my campaigns?

WordWatch manages only what you tell it to manage. You’d like to start with one campaign to try it out? No problem. Just set a strategy for the campaign of your choice and WordWatch will not touch the others. You can always add (or remove) campaigns for WordWatch to manage.

Q: Does WordWatch work in my language?

WordWatch works in any language that AdWords does.