Small Budgets

Who is it for?

  • You don’t have time to manage your campaigns once or twice per week or to keep up with the latest tips and tricks of optimization.
  • You have 1 AdWords account and a few campaigns
  • You spend more than $500 per month on AdWords
  • Your campaigns get at least 250 clicks per month

What are the benefits?

  • More Clicks or Conversions
  • Lower cpc or cpa
  • Lower your cost
  • Save time on the grunt work so you can focus on your business

What do you get?

  • You can sign up 1 AdWords account
  • We will manage up to 5 campaigns of your choice
  • There is no limit on the number of keywords
    (Fair Use Policy applies)
  • We will optimize for clicks (conversions optimization is available in the $99 plan)

How does WordWatch work?

Calculating the proper bid for each of your keywords is something that a computer can do faster, and often better, than a human. Our algorithms analyze all of your AdWords data (impressions, clicks, cpc, conversions, etc.) and change your keyword bids to maximize your clicks or conversions within your daily budget.


  • monitors your campaigns every night
  • can review thousands of keywords in just a few seconds
  • has all expertise to optimize your campaigns
  • will modify your bids if your competitors are bidding up on ‘your’ keywords, making sure that you don’t lose clicks.
First Month Free

Small Budgets

per month

  • 1 AdWords account
  • up to 5 campaigns
  • unlimited keywords
  • 1 product feed
  • up to 1,000 products

WordWatch users say

  • We had been looking for an automatic PPC management tool for some time. WordWatch was the only one to fit our needs and budget.

    SEM consultant

    Cindy Gagnon

    SEM consultant

  • We’re in a highly competitive space but WordWatch really delivered for us with higher conversions and better quality score. This is an awesome software for PPC management.

    Jorge chatbox

    Jorge Schmidt

    chatbox service

  • Cost-effective advertising is the key to our business. With Adwords and Wordwatch we stay ahead of our competition.

    Greg webshop

    Greg Howe

    webshop owner

  • WordWatch is amazing! They got us started with a brand new campaign and put us on the first page of results.

    Tracy social

    Tracy Lee

    social startup

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