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Small Budgets

per month

  • 1 AdWords account
  • up to 5
  • unlimited keywords*
  • 1 product feed
  • up to 1,000 products
First Month Free

SMB Advertisers

per month

  • 1 AdWords account
  • up to 25 campaigns
  • unlimited keywords*
  • 2 product feeds
  • up to 10,000 products
First Month Free

Marketing Pros

per month

  • up to 10 AdWords
  • unlimited campaigns
  • unlimited keywords*
  • MCC access
  • 5 products feeds
  • up to 25,000 products

SEM Agencies

per month

  • up to 50 AdWords accounts
  • unlimited campaigns
  • unlimited keywords*
  • MCC access
  • 10 product feeds
  • up to 50,000 products

Google Feed Manager

per month

set up fee

  • Export your product feed to Google
  • Create  AdWords campaigns
  • Set product targets
  • Feed updated daily
  • 5,000 products included**
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* Unlimited keyword usage is guided by our Fair Use Policy
** + $5 for each 1,000 products beyond the first 5,000
*** Discount already included

We do your Bidding!

WordWatch manages your keyword bidding to get you the most clicks for the lowest cost with no hassle!

  • Immediate sign up!
  • Easy monthly pricing. No extra fees
  • Flexible: pay as you go; cancel anytime
  • All paid plans come with the first month free
  • You can upgrade or downgrade, or even cancel, as required.

More questions?  Visit our Help section.

WordWatch manages thousands of campaigns with millions of dollars of adspend on Google AdWords every year.

Our algorithms have been created by an international engineering team and PPC specialists.

In addition, our team of Certified AdWords Professionals monitors each campaign on a daily basis; delivering optimal bid prices on every keyword.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I sign up?

WordWatch will send an access request to your AdWords account. Once you accept, WordWatch can begin managing your campaigns. Check out the Getting Started overview for more.

The first month is free?

The first month is indeed free. WordWatch needs some time to begin identifying trends in your campaigns, especially if the historical data is limited. Also. For these reasons, it can take 30 days for substantial improvements to become clearly noticeable. That’s why the first month is on us.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel any paid account within 30 days of signing up and you won’t get charged a thing. After 30 days, you’ll be charged for that month and will commence being billed monthly.

Does WordWatch manage ALL my campaigns?

When you log in to the WordWatch website, you can select the campaigns you want WordWatch to manage. You can add or remove campaigns at any time.

What will WordWatch do to my campaigns?

WordWatch will review your AdWords data every night, run an analysis and modify your bids in such a way that the performance of your campaigns will increase.

What if I need help?

You can mail us via Support. If you leave your telephone number (in the signup or in your message), we will call you and make sure we get you started. We are here to help you. Contact us any time!