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Why WordWatch?

AdWords can be the Single, Most Cost-Effective way for Small Businesses to Drive Website Traffic and Sales

…Yet most small advertisers will fail at it.

If you’re a small business advertiser and have previously run pay-per-click campaigns, this ¬†probably sounds familiar.

But why? You know your product; you know your customers; and you know how to communicate with those customers. So how hard can it be to select the correct keywords and write good text ads?

A Moving Target

The real problem is: the market is moving, while your keyword bid prices are static.

The search market is like the airfare market: prices are in constant flux. But whereas with plane tickets, you only pull the trigger once, with search you’re constantly buying clicks. This can add up to hundreds, or thousands, of “purchases” per month.

If you’re always bidding the same price in a constantly fluid market, this neccessarily means that sometimes you’re over-bidding — and the rest of the time you’re under-bidding. Whatever the proportions, more than 98% of the time you won’t be bidding the optimal amount! That translates to under performance and wasted ad dollars.

This is what many small advertisers just don’t understand — and what leads to failure.

Take Charge of your Advertising

But small business advertisers can now get campaign management under control. WordWatch continually tracks the market to ensure your keyword bids are always getting you the most for your money.

A Market in Flux

The Bing Travel Index shows how prices in the airfare market can fluctuate daily.

Bing Travel 100 Airfare Index

The search market can fluctuate by the minute. New competitors come in; search volume goes up and down; even the time of day can have an impact.


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