Optimization of Product Listing Ads

What it is

Your PLA-campaign is running but it is difficult to optimize: You may not have the right product targets and how do you change your bids to improve the campaign performance?

We review the PLA-campaigns of every new customer and make sure that it is set up perfectly: We analyze your product feed and add multiple product targets that reflect your business objectives. If necessary, we modify your feed (add Google Product Categories, AdWords Labels.) to make all important bidding conditions available.

Depending on your goal you can chose to maximize your clicks or conversions. You make this choice separately for each campaign you want Wordwatch to optimize. For each campaign you can set the maximum amount that you want to pay per click or per conversion.

WordWatch will not exceed the daily budget that you already set in AdWords.


Our SEM specialists will personally analyze and, if necessary, improve structure of your PLA campaign.

In a matter of seconds, WordWatch can make thousands of data-driven changes that normally would require great deal of time and expertise.

Our powerful algorithms monitor and analyze your campaigns 24/7 to make sure you don’t miss opportunities or overpay for bad performing keywords.

How it works